CycloShield bike safety device comes to Kickstarter

It has been announced by Bath based startup CycloShield that it will initiate funding for the device via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

CycloShield is an electronic system for passive safety, which helps commuters and sports participants to have a safer experience on the road, through three main features: threat detection, offenders recording and SOS.

CycloShield collects data and learns using machine learning, notifying the user of dangerous roads and can make suggestions regarding safer times and roads to cycle.

CycloShield is also focused on monitoring the user’s sport activity, recording training sessions and improvements of performance. the user can view the data on their phone or download to their computer via the integrated bluetooth and wifi.

The project will be launched on June 22 to prospective contributors, and various packages are available for purchase, the cheapest containing the device being the £299 ‘Super Earlybird Kit’, which contains access to CycloShield’s online VIP area, limited edition vinyl decals, a T-shirt (or maillot) and a CycloShield.

The Kickstarter campaign can be previewed here